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I Am...
Passionate. Welcoming. Sunshine. A lover of hip-hop. Here for you.

My journey with yoga began in Denver when I was late for my usual cardio class, and on a whim, decided to take a yoga class instead. After class I felt euphoric. I felt connected to my body and breath. I had experienced myself in a new way that I hadn’t been able to access through other forms of exercise. I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from CorePower Yoga in Denver in 2011. I taught my first official yoga class at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, where I received my B.F.A. in acting/musical theatre. I firmly believe my passion for acting and singing is directly related to my passion for yoga and teaching. Both art forms require presence, connection, surrender, practice, and dedication. My theatre and singing background heavily influence my teaching style.

After graduating, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career as an actor, singer, and yoga instructor. While living in LA I proudly taught for Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills and Aura Yoga in West Hollywood. I helped lead multiple yoga teacher trainings and furthered my own training, specifically studying how to successfully teach yoga to the disabled. I spent 3 years working privately with a wonderful young woman who was severely disabled with cerebral palsy - an incredibly rewarding and fun teaching experience. My journey with teaching took me to New York City where I currently reside. I teach full time and I am on the teacher training team for Y7 Yoga. I am also a mentor to new teachers who are eager to take their teaching to the next level (contact for details). I am a proud ambassador for lululemon athletica, specifically the Flatiron location in NYC. 
We Are...
A Powerhouse Community.

While honoring the traditional teachings of yoga, my style defies the usual and provides a unique experience that delves far beyond the physical postures. I integrate original motivational mantras, rhythm, fresh new music, and a safe space for you to explore what’s happening underneath your perceived limitations and usual ideas of yourself. Your findings will be extraordinary. And, your findings will be unique to you. We walk into the yoga space with unique circumstances, backgrounds, struggles, strengths, and needs. Whatever your needs, I am here for you. I have worked with yogis of varying levels. From beginners to professional athletes, from children’s birthday parties, to bachelorette parties, from group classes to private sessions, it is my honor to help you achieve your yoga goals. I will encourage you to show up authentically. I will gently break down the boundaries you’ve subconsciously set for yourself. I will intentionally guide you toward experiencing your breath, body, and mind in a new & powerful way. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing your entire life, flexible or cannot (yet) touch your toes…yoga is for you. And I am here for you. No special belief system required. Show up with a willingness to meet yourself in each moment. 
The community vibe in my public classes is palpable and we welcome you with open arms. 

Inspiration. Experience.
Connection. Exploration.
Group Private
  • Create a culture of wellness in your company by offering yoga
  • Research shows that yoga reduces stress, improves mood, and increases energy.
  • A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.
  • I offer personalized yoga classes for events, parties, & meditation for your employees, organizations, schools, hotels, companies, etc.
Private Yoga
  • The most effective way to deepen your practice
  • Personalized Sessions right in your home, office, or nearby park
  • Special focus on your specific and unique goals
  • Open communication throughout the practice about your questions, concerns, and needs
Public Classes
  • Currently Teaching 7 days a week
  • Hot 8 Yoga Beverly Hills
  • Aura Yoga West Hollywood
  • Community, support, friendship, teamwork
  • Beautiful destinations
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Special workshops
  • Coming soon
The Hustle Co
  • Goal Coaching + Yoga
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Extreme visions accompanied by a badass action plan that combines dreaming + doing.
  • #hustle247
A Powerhouse Community
"“Hottest yoga class in LA. Love your music and energy.”"

Russell Simmons, Business Magnate
"“That was great, thank you so much! I was feeling jet lagged and tired before class but when you talked us through star pose I was like (sings) “ahhhh!” and now I feel so much better.”"

Amy Poehler, Actress, Comedian, Director, Writer
"“You play the best music! That playlist was HOT.”"

Andre Harrell, Former President/CEO of Motown Records
"“Beautiful inside/out! Casey has inspired me as a teacher, a yogi, as a woman, and as a friend. She is always authentic and she has such magic about her. Her students love her, her co-workers love her, and her community is better because of her. As a teacher myself I admire her work ethic and her ability to truly honor herself just as much as others. Casey's classes are strong, fluid, and effective mind body and soul! You will leave her class full of love, empowerment and gratitude! She is the new love guru."

Aree Khodai, leader of Aree’s Army
" “As a modest, "average" girl in LA - I had a huge moment in one of Casey's classes where I took off my tank top and practiced (for the first time...ever) in my sports bra. Emboldened by the thought that "if Casey can do it so can I..." I finished class liberated but emotional. Afterwards she came up to me because she KNEW I needed the extra support. At my most vulnerable, she sat with me and shared her own fears and showed me such kindness. From that moment I realized just how lucky I was to have the opportunity to be taught by such an amazing teacher. Casey gives so much of herself from the moment class starts, from her music selection to offering up her own personal mantras; her personality shines through in everything she does. She makes you feel like you're the only student in a crowded class and she has the innate ability to lead you to where you need to go while allowing you to grow at your own pace.” "

Amy Alter, DreamWorks Animation
"“I knew from the moment she walked into the yoga room that this class was going to be different. She had an aura about her, and I was not one to talk about auras and energies, but she illuminated the room with her sauntering gait, effervescent smile and her arms open ready for a hug. Her class was so positive and self-affirming that I forgot how hard I was working, until I noticed my face hurt from smiling. Yes it is a great work out, but what kept me coming back was that I truly felt that connection of mind, body and soul that I didn't even realize I was searching for. She has a knack for picking the right music for the right mood of the class, and it is always on point. She has a specific mantra that she uses in each class as well, that I have to admit, prompted me to get my first and most cherished tattoo. When I first took her class she said "I am..." a number of times with words like strong, powerful, amazing, and one thing that came out was "I am enough". I thought, oh no, not me. As I continued through my personal growth both in and out of class I remember, and will never forget, the class where she said "I am enough" and my soul screamed "yes I am!". She reminds every student of how amazing they are and how far they have come and will go even if she barely knows you. You can feel that she knows YOU. She is an amazing person, yogi, singer, songwriter, rapper, and friend. She is strong, powerful, amazing and...enough. I am grateful to her every day, even when I can't take her class. "

Emily Schwartz, MD
""I've practiced yoga for over 7 years and Casey's class is one of the best I have taken. The energy in the room is always amazing and Casey balances a physically demanding practice along with an unbelievable spiritual experience. I always leave sweaty, detoxified and with a clear head.""

Christopher Ganan, Cratus Equity Investment Company
"“There are so many reasons I love hot yoga, the very first reason is Casey! After a year of struggling to recover from a back injury as a result of an accident and refusing surgery, I decided to give yoga a try. I found Casey via a friend after months of bouncing around between various yoga companies and can honestly say I that I feel better, more limber and overall happier than I can remember in years. Sure the back pain will flair up every so often but gone are the days of dealing with Sciatica.
Casey’s presence, tone, guidance, attentiveness, patience and many other positive adjectives are on full display. For the first time since I can remember, my mind is free and clear of the stress and grind from everyday life and for that I am sincerely grateful to Casey. After months of searching for the right Yoga instructor I can proudly say I have found the best there is!
Because of Casey, yoga has become an incredible respite and valuable part of my everyday life! P.S. the girl can flat out sing!"

Gabriel Ouaknine, Chairman at Brands Collected
"“When I first took Casey Layne’s yoga class, I left the room feeling strong, enlightened, peaceful, clear, empowered, and reinvigorated. I was drawn to her reoccurring theme of “I AM”. From my very first class I began to build my personal “I AM” list. I AM strong. I AM healthy. I AM blessed. I AM loved. I AM worthy. My list of I AMs has continued to grow throughout the years with no foreseeable end in sight. Under Casey Layne’s instruction I AM filled to the brim with positive self-identifiers, so much so there is no longer space for anyone to interject what I am not. I AM so grateful for Casey Layne. I AM transformed by her work. I AM inspired by her light.” "

Raegan Loston, Entrepreneur
"“To describe Casey Layne's yoga class in three words to the best of my ability would be Mind, Body & Spirit. Casey's style combines moving meditation with an acoustic jam session. Anderson displays her deeply routed knowledge of yoga asana's and love of R&B, folk, and soul music to formulate a well rounded, challenging yet fulfilling class.
From the minute you step onto your mat you are forced to become more present in your mind and with your breath as Casey guides you through creative and athletic poses. You will sweat, likely be sore but absolutely leave feeling better than when you came in, from your head to your heart & core to your calves. Anderson's energy is addictive, her brand is authentic and smile is infectious. Casey combines the perfect amount of insight and motivation in her class paired with rigorous poses, and music you wish you had Shazam on for. Her passion is not only in yoga and working out but in music and song. When Casey Layne Anderson is in front of a room it's easy to see that she is here to share her gifts with the rest of world, starting right here in Los Angeles, California, one class at a time.”"

Seth G, Fitness Trainer
"“I have had trouble sleeping for years. Like many out there with chronic insomnia, I memorized every inch of ceiling in my bedroom as I needlessly reviewed obstacles and stresses in my life. This all drastically changed when I arrived at Carnegie Mellon University, and specifically, when I met Casey Layne Anderson. For three days each week of my freshmen year, Casey ran a yoga class for members of the School of Drama. Had I known then that it would become one of the most useful classes of my life, I would have been far more reverent and enthusiastic initially. Among introducing the mechanics of yoga, Casey taught me what it was to relax; something I had never done completely before. So you can imagine that the night I found I could apply her teachings to more than just the yoga exercises, the night I fell asleep before three hours for the first time in years was one of incredible joy and victory: a victory that I attribute to Casey.
It is impossible to talk of Casey without speaking on her indomitable positivity, something that all speak of with no small amount of envy. There is genuine warmth to Casey that one rarely encounters so fully. Being around her can only be described as a delight. Her kindness and charity comes with no underlying motive, save for the pursuit of happiness in others.”"

Luke LaMontagne, Actor
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